ALMAN Company (CLEBUS) Partners with SEIL-X to Commercialize AI Blockchain Authentication for Defense and Aerospace

ALMAN Company, the developer of the AI blockchain NFT web3 platform 'CLEBUS X,' has signed a strategic partnership agreement with SEIL-X, a growing company specializing in defense, satellite, drone, and wearable robots. The partnership aims to apply AI, blockchain, and NFT security authentication technology to the defense and satellite sectors.

CLEBUS is revolutionizing the industry by leveraging blockchain technology in various sectors such as automotive, cosmetics, and luxury to address security vulnerabilities and expand ESG management. It also integrates blockchain and AI to provide customers with a choice of various AI application concepts, such as chatbots.

Furthermore, ALMAN Company has been providing certified used car NFT warranties to Hansung Motors, an official Mercedes-Benz dealer, since 2022. Customers purchasing a Mercedes-Benz certified pre-owned vehicle through Hansung Motors showrooms nationwide or the website receive the vehicle's warranty in NFT form. This NFT represents ownership of the digital warranty certificate for the purchased certified used car. Recently, the company entered into an exclusive agreement with Smart Token Labs, a global company with technology and expertise in controlling cars through NFTs, to explore various industrial applications of the technology.

SEIL-X specializes in defense industry solutions, including autonomous mobile vehicles, aerospace, and satellite technologies. It has expanded into developing electronic warfare shielded drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as non-powered exoskeleton wearable robots. CEO Hyunsang Yang, with experience in the defense industry at the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, large companies, and universities, serves as an expert committee member for space commercialization and writes columns on defense, aerospace, and satellites to introduce the latest technologies.

Mr. Yang emphasized that applying CLEBUS-X's blockchain and NFT technology could enhance data security and authentication for autonomous vehicles, wearable robots, drones, and aerospace and defense products. This collaboration is expected to create a secure communication and data management system protected from hacking and forgery.

Both companies expressed their commitment to technology and knowledge sharing, facilitating research and development activities to develop new ideas and innovative products. The collaboration aims to help maintain their leading positions in their respective fields and gain competitive advantages. Through this agreement, the two companies will provide various strategic support for technology development and business expansion, playing a crucial role in creating new markets and business models. There are also anticipated synergies with Clebus' new initiative, a marketplace for AI chatbots resistant to censorship. SEIL-X is poised to leverage Clebus' AI authentication technology within its own systems.

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